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We’re very happy to announce that we’ve won “Best Design Award” for an app we designed for one of our amazing clients, Skinfy!

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know, Skinfy is an app that allows you to keep inventory of all your skincare products and their corresponding expiry dates, so you know what you have and when they expire at all times from your pocket. The app also provides you with guided information on what to do with those products once they expire i.e. what to recycle and how.

People in the United Kingdom are spending more than ever on cosmetics. In fact, stats have shown that the United Kingdom is among the leading three cosmetic consumers in Western Europe. The cosmetics boom in the UK happened in 2017, when the sector’s market value reached a staggering 9.8 billion pounds.

The problem is, and what could be contributing tremendously to this boom, most consumers are buying products they may not necessarily need. Customers often have many different types of cosmetic and skincare products, which makes it near enough impossible to know off the top of their head what they have and what they need when out shopping. As a result, the consumer may develop over-buying habits where products are purchased that they don’t need as they already have them or similar products.

Conversely, it means the customer may be missing out buying products that they do actually need i.e. are running out of or are expiring soon. 

In addition, this over-buying habit is significantly contributing to the amount of waste the UK is producing. There are not many statistics available specifically for cosmetics, but it has been suggested that the industry produces 120 billion units of packaging per year.

This is having a significant impact on the environment as most consumers are unclear if they can recycle these products, and if so, how to recycle them. This is because packaging is often composed of a variety of types of material — mirrored glass, cardboard sleeves, paper inserts, expanded plastic foam and more – sometimes all in one item. This makes recycling them incredibly difficult.

Skinfy aims to remedy these issues by producing an app that allows users to keep inventory of their skincare and cosmetic products, so they know which products they need, which products are expiring and what to do with those products once expired.

With public awareness of the plastic waste crisis at an all time high and companies are starting to take note, Skinfy is exactly what is needed in the industry.

Our brief was to build a platform that allows users to keep inventory of their skin care products so they can quickly see what products they have, when they’re expiring and how to recycle them. The platform will be designed to maximise engagement, build brand loyalty to Skinfy and create raving fans, that will ultimately lead to increased social proof and new customers that subsequently increases revenue.

What we focussed on were these points:

Create an onboarding experience for users when first downloading the app to deliver initial value so the user is clear on what to expect. This will help to engage the user, take them through the journey and motivate them to sign-up.

Making the process of keeping inventory of skincare products as efficient as possible. Your platform serves a very clear and direct purpose, which is to keep inventory of skincare products as easy as possible. This direct purpose shows the user how the platform fits into their lives, and as a result, they are more likely to use it. Our focus, therefore, will be to make sure the website/app serves this purpose in the least amount of steps possible. This strong focus on the user experience will ensure the platform is optimised for maximum engagement.

Build strong trust and a closer relationship with customers through push notification messaging. Push notifications are read 80% of the time vs 15% for email (on average). This means you will be able to get your message out to more customers and increase your chances of getting the right message to the right customer at the right time, which will undoubtedly help to build a stronger customer relationship and help to create raving fans.

Download Skinfy and know which products you need, which are expiring and find out how to recycle them once they have expired.