Family Flow

Family wellbeing at your fingertips. Introducing Family Flow, an essential tool for your parenting journey, delivered in a fresh and relatable app.


Family life can be challenging

Even today, ask any parent and they will tell you how hard it is to get easy access to high quality support. Experts agree that the single greatest predictor of children’s emotional wellbeing and overall positive psychological development is the influence of their parent/s. Research also repeatedly asserts that the most important factor contributing to parents having a positive influence on their children’s healthy development is contingent upon the parents’ own emotional development and wellbeing.


iOS and Android app

The Family Flow app which curates bite sized, expert insight and content to help families thrive. The app not only helps parents to understand and manage difficult behaviours, but also help parents to increase children’s emotional literacy and regulation.


A prototype ready for investment

The app prototype demonstrates how parents can get access to a variety of video content, articles, podcasts and books to help them become better parents from one tap on their phone. Parents can add their children into the app and get tailored content specific to help manage each child. The Family Flow team need investment to build their app and now have a prototype demonstrating how it will work to show off to investors.


Weeks to prototype