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Hi, Aman here – the founder and CEO at Digiruu. When I started this company more than six years ago, I wanted to address three key gaps in the market, one of which was to address the terrible customer service that existed in the software industry.

From my experience of working with app developers (prior to starting the company when I was launching my own app) was that nobody ever wanted to jump on a call or have a face-to-face meetings. They wanted to do everything by email, which was slow and frustrating. In addition, to get status updates on my project, I was the one reaching out. I was the one paying them! Why should I have to chase up updates on my project?

It really bugged me and now years later with my own app development company, I made a promise that we were going to have the best customer service in the industry and nothing was going to stop us.

With all of that said, it gives me great pleasure in saying that for the amazing customer service that we continuously strive towards, we’ve been awarded the “Most Client-Centric App Development Boutique” in England at the IT Awards 2022!

Here’s what they had to say:

“In the face of unprecedented hardship and uncertainty for UK businesses over the pandemic, the IT sector has played a critical part in ensuring businesses can stay connected, adapt, and continue to trade in an increasingly digital society. We believe more than ever the incredible dedication by these enterprises should be recognised.

Therefore, I am excited to be able to share the final results from our panel of judges and I am delighted to say it’s great news! Digiruu has been awarded;

Most Client-Centric App Development Boutique – England

It goes without saying that this is a fantastic achievement for Digiruu and a true marker of the hard work and commitment invested day to day.”

I. Could. Not. Be. Happier! We have won awards at Digiruu before but the feeling never goes away when you win another. This is one of the best awards we could win, that out of all Software Development Companies in England which offer app development, we are the most client-centric!

It’s amazing news and I couldn’t be more grateful to our amazing team, clients and anyone that supports or ever has supported us. A huge thank you to everyone in Digiruu and working with Digiruu. Let’s chase some more awards!