Subconsciously – Making the UK’s most recommended Hypnotherapist accessible through a bespoke mobile app

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Create a personalised experience of a private clinic appointment

Hypnotherapy is extremely personal, and treatment is unique to each patient. The challenge was to re-create this personal experience with Aaron Surtees, a world-renowned hypnotherapist, so users can access life-changing treatment anytime and anywhere without a physical appointment.

In addition, Aaron can be duplicated in many places without being reliant on 1-1 appointments helping to make the business scalable. As a result, the idea for Subconsciously was born.


Branding and iOS & Android app

A bespoke and native mobile app that asks users what their goals are upon initial sign-up and based on that creates a personalised treatment plan with recordings tailored to the user and their recommended hypnotherapy treatments.

As a hypnotherapist, Aaron can offer treatment on scale. He personally created the scripts and recorded all of his hypnosis sessions in a professional studio so that users can feel like he is actually in the room with them.

Each session has been meticulously crafted to the highest quality so that they are applicable to everyone for their chosen therapy. All that was left was combining his recordings with world-class imagery and soothing background noises to create the one-of-a-kind Subconsciously app.


Paying subscribers at £849.99 per year

The app was an incredible success on launch and is gaining momentum at a tremendous pace. Despite what most would deem as a high in-app purchase subscription, Subconsciously continues to defy expectations with users embracing the high-quality and world-class hypnosis sessions to help them achieve their goals.

The custom content management system (CMS) we created allows Aaron and his team to upload content to the app whenever and wherever they want, making the app self-sustainable. Our personal favorites have been the sessions around Anxiety, Confidence and Manifestation.

A favorite feature amongst users has been the daily push notifications they receive from the app, and the ability for users to download their favorite hypnosis sessions to their device so they can experience the app offline, such as on a plane.


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