An app that allows athletes to discover coaches near them and book individual or group classes to improve their game


Finding the right sports coach can be difficult

A number of amateur and professional atheletes are on the lookout for sports coaches in the US, but find it difficult to navigate through search engines to find the best one for them within their budget that fits their current skill level.


iOS and Android app prototype

Introducing Refiine, the app that allows users to discover and book lessons with private sports coaches across the US. The client needed an app prototype to demonstrate the idea to investors and showcase their offering.


A prototype ready for investment

The prototype successfully demonstrates how the app works in a clickable online demo. Users are able to see just how the app could help them by discovering coaches near them and see how they are able to book private or group lessons. In addition, coaches are able to see on the app how they can manage their availability and bookings.


Weeks to prototype