Thrive Social Work

Thrive supports social workers with workload and wellbeing, freeing up time and energy to be spent working directly with children and families.


75% of social workers said that burnout is a key area of concern

When social workers are feeling supported, resilient and on top of their workload, they have the mental space to have meaningful and therapeutic interactions with the children and families they support. Our challenge was to help create an app that supports social workers to perform their crucial role at the best of their ability.


Branding, iOS and Android app

An app built specifically for children’s social workers in the UK to streamline casework, saving time and energy, that also supports their mental wellbeing and manage working schedules.


Contracts with local authorities

Thrive allows social workers to cut their casenote admin time in half, receive bitesize, practical resources that have been vetted by social workers to improve their practice. The client has already gained significant interest with local authorities up and down the UK, and has been nominated for awards.