Climate Week NYC

The official app for the largest climate summit in the world


Actively engage users during Climate Week

Bring together both physical events taking place in New York City, and digital events taking place around the world, to discuss important topics around fighting climate change during Climate Week. In addition, provide a way for users to find businesses in New York City so they can support those who have the environment at the top of their priority list.


iOS and Android app

A mobile app that provides the guide for an eclectic range of over 500 events and ten program themes. The app also contains listings for sustainable businesses throughout New York City, so users can find and visit sustainable restaurants, stores and other services that are in their area to help support the businesses that are making the environment a priority.


1600+ user downloads in one week

The team successfully met all of the targets set for Climate Week with over 1600+ user app downloads, 1200+ registrations and 1200+ user interactions over a 7 day period.


App downloads


App Engagements