ByErim Luxury Hair and Beard Oil. We worked with worldwide social media influencer Erim Kaur to build the official app for her brand, ByErim.

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ByErim from worldwide social media influencer, Erim Kaur, is a luxury hair and beard oil brand. It’s 100% natural, unisex, and cruelty-free luxury hair & beard oil is designed to help you reach optimal hair health and beauty. It was awarded “Winner of the best hair oil” 2022 and has over 75,000 users worldwide.

The ByErim team wanted to build upon that success with a mobile phone app. The challenge was to get marketing messages out to more users, increase engagement rate and boost higher levels of brand loyalty.


A stunning iOS and Android app

Using incredible product photography, we created a stunning iOS and Android app within just four weeks. Highlights include adding the functionality to send push notification messages out to users.

Compared to 15% for email, these are read 80% of the time, helping the ByErim team to get marketing messages out to more users, and increasing their chances of getting their messages out to the right users at the right time.

The ability to allow users to check out with Apple Pay and Google Pay means users can checkout their favourite products in just four seconds, reducing the barriers to purchase in only one tap.


An explosive launch

The app was a resounding success on launch, collecting thousands of downloads in its first 24 hours and reaching the top 100 of all apps in the App Store charts ahead of established names such as Missguided, Co-Op, Ikea plus more.

The app continues to grow daily in its user base and has helped to boost sales and business growth. The push notification messages are being extremely well received and users are being engaged more than ever.


Downloads within 24 hours

Top 100

Position in the charts