The world's first customisable sleep app from award-winning Game Of Thrones actor, Laura Pradelska


Most sleep apps are available in English only

Everybody has unique needs and preferences that will offer them the comfort and relaxation they need to achieve and maintain sound sleep. Current sleep apps on the market offer varying solutions but typically are available in English only, and have the same style of voice and tonality.


iOS app and custom CMS

An iOS app that is uniquely tailored to help each indivdual user sleep. Questions are asked on what problems they have with sleeping (getting to sleep, staying asleep etc.) and provides recommendations with a variety of sleep recordings, from meditation to hypnosis, affirmation, adventure or story plus more.


The first sleep app uniquely tailored to you

Stil offers the opportunity to choose your media, artist and language from a variety of recordings available in the app to help you sleep. Whether it’s a softly spoken female artist or a husky southern cowboy, finding your perfect sound, is the USP of Stil. Users can choose what language they want to listen to their recording in, and have a beautifully designed interface with twilight colours to help initiate sleep.


Months of development