Pilates On Tap

Pilates tailored to your skill, level, time schedule, and fitness goals taught by a real-life instructor.


Revolutionise the online pilates space

Well-known actress Sarah Manners has appeared as a series regular in numerous British TV dramas and competed in season two of Strictly Come Dancing. But after her own postural deviations lead her to a Pilates class, she found her new passion. Having qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2014, Sarah wanted to revolutionise the online Pilates experience.


1-to-1 pilates classes for anyone, anytime, anywhere

An iOS and Android app that combines a series of videos to create one-to-one, unique and personalised pilates sessions to the user based on their preferences. Just let the app know what you want to work on and how long you want to work out for, and the app conjures up a bespoke pilates class, taught by a qualified instructor - not a computer generated figure.


Featured in numerous news outlets

Pilates On Tap had a mega successful launch with the app being featured in numerous news outlets including "LUXLife Magazine" and "The London Magazine." With a growing user base and an engaged audience, Pilates On Tap is climbing up the charts to new levels of success.


Months of development